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Book #1: Land of Careful Shadows

Book #3: No Witness But the Moon

     Detective Jimmy Vega, barely recovered from his own recent disgrace, finds himself in the crosshairs of a media frenzy when a teenage girl disappears one frigid January night. The girl, from a prominent local family, was last seen tutoring English to immigrants at his girlfriend's outreach center. Disturbing evidence soon trickles in, setting off deep-seated fears that spread well beyond the tiny suburban New York hamlet. It’s up to Vega—a man in conflict as both a cop and a Latino—to rise above the mounting fury and find a truth that is as compelling as it is deadly.

Mysteries that hit the heart, not just the pulse.






Author of the Jimmy Vega series

"Exceptionally well-written...Leap-off-the-page characters complement the relentless plot."--Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)

"One of 10 Best Books of the Year"--

New Jersey Star-Ledger.


Book #2: A Blossom of Bright Light

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(Book 4 of the Jimmy Vega Mystery Series)


"A tremendous talent."--Lee Child

Chosen by the American Library Association as one of the 5 best mystery books of the year!

"Compulsively readable with an explosive ending."--Hallie Ephron

"Disturbingly timely...Engrossing...Fascinating..."--Huffington Post

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Suzanne Chazin 

"Nail-biting...A tense page turner."--Publisher's Weekly

     A Place in the Wind