Suzanne Chazin is the award-winning author of two mystery series. Her first (THE FOURTH ANGEL, FLASHOVER, FIREPLAYstars Georgia Skeehan, a scrappy female fire-investigator for the New York City Fire Department. The series, hailed as, "searing and emotionally explosive," by USA TODAY and "dazzling," by PEOPLE MAGAZINE, was inspired by her husband, a high-ranking chief in the FDNY.

     Suzanne's second mystery series stars Jimmy Vega, a flawed and complex but deeply humane cop navigating the veiled world of the undocumented in upstate NY. "Hits the heart, not just the pulse," raves Lee Child. Her first book in the series, LAND OF CAREFUL SHADOWS, was picked as a top-five mystery of the year by the American Library Association. Her second, A BLOSSOM OF BRIGHT LIGHT, was an Amazon mystery pick of the month. Her third, NO WITNESS BUT THE MOON, received unanimous rave reviews including a starred review in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY that praised its "leap-off-the page characters." Suzanne was inspired to write the series after working for two years on an outreach project with immigrants near her home in suburban New York. The more she learned about the lives of the undocumented, the more touched she became by their courage and quiet determination.

     Although Suzanne was born in New York City and partly raised in Tenafly, NJ, she is also the daughter of immigrants. Her father was Russian. Her mother was English of Irish parents. The clash of cultures made for an interesting upbringing. While most of her friends were chowing down on hamburgers, Suzanne was eating piroshki (Russian meat pies) and roast beef smeared in Bovril (looks like road tar, don't ask what's in it!)

       Her first job out of Northwestern University was writing financial advice for doctors (those poor MDs!) Thankfully, she switched to safer topics, eventually writing essays and articles for American Health, Family Circle, The New York Timesand Reader's Digest.

      Suzanne's fifth Jimmy Vega novel, Voice with No Echo, ​will be released in 2019. She has a sixth in the works and is pleased by the growing legion of Jimmy Vega fans who enjoy the series. 

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Suzanne Chazin