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Georgia Skeehan/firefighter novels by Suzanne Chazin:




    A Manhattan building lies in ashes, dozens of prominent New Yorkers have been incinerated and it's up to rookie FDNY fire investigator Georgia Skeehan to solve one of the city's most gruesome arsons ever. But everything about the blaze is shrouded in mystery--the biblical intensity of the fire, its connection to other arsons, the strange reticence within her own department, and the eerie, scripture-laden taunts of a madman. Before it's over, Georgia will have to confront the ultimate test of courage and come to terms with her own tormented and secretive past.


"...A red-hot debut...A searing, emotionally explosive novel of heroism, love and desperate acts. Georgia Skeehan is an incredibly strong character."

                                                                                                --USA TODAY






     Fire Marshal Georgia Skeehan investigates two mysterious fires that show signs of "flashover"--the vicious and overwhelming combustion of a room and its contents by simultaneous ignition. She suspects the connection between the two might be disputes over line-of-duty compensation for disabled firefighters. But her life is soon upended when a close female friend disappears and the suspect is Georgia's boyfriend and fellow marshal, Mac Marenko. Betrayal--both personal and professional--never hit so close to home.


"...Sizzling suspense hooks the reader from the very first page...But it's Georgia, tough, tender and sharp, who holds it all together."                                                                                                                                                                                                                       --THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER






     Two firefighters are killed in a deliberately-set restaurant blaze and Georgia quickly finds the culprit, a slick, vicious arsonist-for-hire known as "the Freezer." There's just one catch: he's an FBI informant. The only way Georgia can hope for justice is to go undercover--a choice that brings her face-to-face with the one man she never dreamed of setting up: the long-absent father of her 10-year-old son.


"This sizzling scorcher is full of surprises."