Suzanne Chazin 

"A tremendous talent."--Lee Child

Chosen by the American Library Association as one of the 5 best mystery books of the year!

A tense standoff in the woods between a veteran police officer and a suspect leads to the shooting death of one, the shattered life of the other and the shocking connection between them that will imperil everything each has staked their world on...

​Author of the Jimmy Vega series

"Compulsively readable with an explosive ending."--Hallie Ephron

(Book 3 of the Jimmy Vega Mystery Series)


  No Witness But the Moon


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Book #1: Land of Careful Shadows


Book #2: A Blossom of Bright Light


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Mysteries that hit the heart, not just the pulse.

"Chazin writes the kind of book that makes mystery readers rave and mystery writers jealous. She explores her territory with the grace of a ballerina and the impact of a boxer's fist."--William Kent Krueger

"A perfect mystery."--NJ Sunday STAR-LEDGER

                                      (Chosen as one of their top 10 books of 2016)

"Chazin's exceptionally well-written mystery should be required reading, as it provides profound insight into a police shooting. Leap-off-the-page characters complement the relentless plot."--Publisher's Weekly *Starred Review